Italian Spinach

Spinach is thought to be originally native of southwest Asia, probably Persia (now Iran). Of course it can be cultivated almost anywhere in the world but due to the range of climate in ITALY it can be harvested at almost any time.

Spinach is loaded with iron, riboflavin and vitamin A and has been recorded to be rich in antioxidants. Benefits could include a delay in both natural decline of mental health and a degeneration of eyesight.

We are not promoting NEW FOODS Spinach Powder as a panacea for all ills but we do think that you should be using it as a Natural Colouring for Pasta, Breads and Bakery Products, and as a garnish for Risotto and Ready Dishes.

We hold stocks of powder and granules in our UK warehouse and would be pleased to quote you for your requirements - why not try our spinach powder and granules (as well as our range of colourings which include Tomato, Pumpkin and Squid Ink powders) and see how they improve your products.