SODELEG is the premier producer of dehydrated onions in the European Community and is located in PICARDIE which is the biggest agricultural region in EUROPE. Situated on the North/South and East/West motorways they are ideally situated to deliver their finest quality dehydrated onion to you. Goods can be loaded one day and delivered the next - you can consider them a local supplier.

SODELEG, rigorously controls over 2.000 hectares of local farmland to supply their contract grown vegetables. Their team of agronomists control the crop from selection of the seed through planting, growing and harvesting liasing on a daily basis with the farmers to ensure that the annual crop of 90,000 tonnes of fresh raw material is delivered to the factory in prime condition.

SODELEG has the two biggest dryers in the world which are capable of receiving 25 tonnes per hour of raw material and a smaller PROCTOR dryer to handle their annual volume during the dehydration season which runs from August until January.

The dehydrated onion is further processed into pieces or powder on two separate finishing lines.

Kibbled onion passes through one of two banks of latest generation SORTEX electronic sorting machines. Rare earth magnets, 3 on- line metal detectors (ferrous, non ferrous and stainless steel) and manual sorting belts guarantee a high level of selection and total elimination of foreign bodies and impurities. Powdered onion is ground, analysed and stored in big bags prior to being subject to the same stringent quality checks before being packed and palletised on a fully automatic robotic line.

Permanent, exhaustive and complete bacteriological controls are run from the reception of the raw material up to positive release of finished ingredients by our own in-house integrated laboratory.


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